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Dawson Precision Components’ new Mitutoyo allows it to speed production, expand its capabilities and win business.

Leading precision engineering company, Dawson Precision Components (DPC), has increased its capabilities by investing in a modern CMM.The machine is a substantial investment for an SME of DPC’s size, but the company believes it will streamline its quality processes and allow it to take on new work . The Mitutoyo Crysta 7106 will allow quicker and more accurate reporting than DPC’s existing manual CMMs, speeding the inspection process and allowing it to respond to customers more quickly. It will also help the company win contracts involving more complex components and higher levels of accuracy. Sales Director, Paul Dawson explains:“We have come across several opportunities in the past year where we have had the machines and the skills to make the parts, but not the inspection capabilities to prove we can do it.This investment will allow us to go after these contracts.” The machine’s programming capability allows for several set up tables, saving set up times and delivering a much faster result on large batches of repeat jobs.The CMM offers the maximum permissible error of MPEe=(1.7+3L/1000)microns. It has a maximum drive speed of 520mm/s and a maximum acceleration of 0.23G, resulting in a difference of approximately 100mm in travel distance in one second, when compared with a general purpose CMM. Furthermore, with a maximum measuring speed of 8mm/s the Crysta-Apex C produces measurements much more quickly than other ordinary CMMs. Combining high speed and high acceleration, the machine reduces measuring time drastically. The Crysta-Apex C’s optional thermaleffect compensation system guarantees the accuracy of the CMM main unit under temperature conditions of 16 to 26°C.The system also has high precision, dust-resistant glass scales on all axes, self-adjusting air bearings on all axes and fully digital servo control for low-vibration movements.The company was impressed by the userfriendly software, and will also be taking on a new member of staff with experience of the machine to be its primary operator. Finance Director,Julie Hughes says;“It’s quite unusual for a company of our size, which makes such small parts, to make such a big investment in a CNC CMM.We recognise that it is impossible for UK businesses to compete with other countries on price, so we have always sold on quality, response time and service.


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