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Science Component Engineering

Medical & scientific

Medical & scientific

Healthcare is a complex science, so put your trust in a medical parts manufacturer with a vast array of expertise and experience in the medical and scientific research sectors.

DPC partners with medical device and medical science instrumentation companies to engineer high-quality precision components for many different markets, using our skill and expertise to interpret our clients’ requirements.

Nothing is too complex for our highly skilled workforce of precision engineers, and we can advise on any adaptations necessary to improve the medical parts manufacturing process and your finished product.

We make components for scientific instruments used in medical research such as mass spectrometers for measuring the time of flight of one or more molecules present in a sample, and medical equipment such as trephines employed in removing cataracts.

The array of components and devices we can produce feature equipment used in key hole and conventional surgery such as bone screws and taps, as well as cannula tubes and cone assemblies for pipettes.

Other components include:

  • Gas and extraction cones
  • Feedthrough pins
  • Probe assemblies
  • Gas manifolds
  • Heater plates and tubes
  • Slide ports
  • Valve stems
  • Ion chambers

Our capabilities encompass CNC (computerised numerical control) machining. As well as manufacturing components we have expertise in sub assembly to ensure our parts are fitted correctly.

We are easy to partner with. We get the job done. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you want to see how we can help you – get in touch.

Science Component Engineering

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