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Lathe Machinery Engineering


Dawson Precision Components (DPC) combines quality engineering and manufacturing services with the friendly style and values of a progressive family-owned business.

From aerospace engineering to work within the environmental engineering sector, take a look at our industry specific work below.


Environmental Component Engineering
Dawson Precision Components engineers precise components for  environmental and energy sector companies. Our services include producing high precision parts for water purification system, waste sep....
Communications Components Engineering
DPC produce many dedicated components for the railway, transport and communications industries such as sensor shells, control panel parts, bulb holders and LED mounts. We work to the high tolerances ....
Science Component Engineering
Medical & scientific Healthcare is a complex science, so put your trust in a medical parts manufacturer with a vast array of expertise and experience in the medical and scientific research sector....
Motorsport Component Engineering
Motorsport and leisure From motorsport to music, DPC machines specialised components for the automotive and leisure industries. We partner in developing and making components using our skill and e....
Aerospace Component Manufacturing
DPC supplies many different companies within the commercial aeronautics and defence industries, manufacturing components for optical mounts, specialist fasteners, electronic housings, head-up display ....
Dawson Precision Components

Dawson Precision Components